What is Leadscampus

Do you know you can leverage the strengths of online marketing, direct mail and traditional marketing into a wholesome multi-channel campaigns with a guarantee of success? Yes, you can and that is the platform offered by Leadscampus. You can combine data, tracking and marketing into a single place, and for support, it takes just a call to reach the team of data marketing experts. 213.550.5477

Leadscampus makes use of data and the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) marketing tools to help the you generate new leads and at the same time, increase your sales growth to improve on the 250 million businesses and 220+ million consumers already in place.

Leadscampus comprises three major elements or functions namely:

1. Data Tools - With Leadscampus, you are provided an access to a very large detail of database of businesses and consumers, withe the most current and up-to-date information. These details can be geographic, demographic or behavioral information.

Incorporate Leadscampus's data into your customer data and you will get to know some insights when you analyze and target the characteristics that are most important. In fact, there are so many search variations at your disposal where all you do is select the targeted sales leads that align with your business goals best. To begin marketing immediately, all you have to do is organize your customers and your leads into lists.

2. Verifier Tools - With Infoexplorare, you will be able to stay connected with the people that are most relevant to your business because you will be able to find or verify email addresses and phone numbers in just a twinkle of an eye.

With this unique set of data offered by Leadscampus, the function of the email verifier is to check email address totally, letting you send your emails more confidently. In addition, the Email Verifier has the ability to return a perfect result when put in use, even when other classical verification tools fail.

3. Email Campaign - With Onlinemailcampaign, you will be able to send unlimited emails and you can track every email campaign and see detailed analysis reports. Get deep details about the delivery, open rate, click, bounce and many more.