Sources of Leadscampus data

Have you ever wondered how Leadscampus acquire these so much data?

Business to Business (B2B) Leads

At Leadscampus, in order to build our U.S. Business database, all we do first is gather information from more than 2,000 sources. After that, we add information from other new business resources, about 170 of them. Also, we validate and update our data through the means of web research, news monitoring and user-generated content. To gather business information, we use utility research, yellow pages, government sources and public company fillings.

We have a mail delivery team that makes use of the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) which undergo and ensure due hygiene processes and proprietary methodologies in order to give the most accurate, relevant and up-to-date addresses.

Similarly, our phone verification team will call every business, whether small or large, in order to do some verification an make updates. You can imagine, that is an approximate 20 million calls per year.

Once these records are verified, the database compilation processes are run in the background, as many as they are and key data elements are attached from the most trusted sources in the industry.

Business to Consumer(B2C) Data

There is a set standard for quality within our U.S. Consumer database. Besides, its comprehensive demographic and lifestyle features fosters the process of targeted delivery of any type of marketing or sales campaign. In order to build such database, more than 29 billion records from other sources are processes.

First of all, we gather raw data from real estate and tax assessments, voter registration records, bill processors, behavioral information and utility files, among other sources. We then integrate the wide number of proprietary data-enrichment processes which let you target individuals or households on the basis of age, ethnicity or other factors of selection that are crucial to the success of your business.

Our database is thereafter segmented to help you focus on new customers and to target brand new businesses once they open and at the same time, reach consumers who just bought a home or recently relocated.

Exclusive Leads (Website design / Pay day loan / SEO / Merchant leads)

There are various landing pages available on Leadscampus where customers make request to provide them with quotes from service providers like individual brokers, merchant processors and website design companies, to mention a few.