What does Leadscampus do

This is one question that you probably want to ask and it's fine. Leadscampus has a wide usage which is best determined by what you need and what the processes involved. Nonetheless, the primary uses are as follows:

Build a list of potential customers with data: The truth is every consumer and business within the Leadscampus database is a potential lead for your business. Thus, all you have to do is select form the numerous key characteristics with the equally enormous number of variations to find the best possible customers, especially the ones that are unique to your business. Basically, you just have to organize and save the list of these prospects or leads/customers by the specific needs of your business. By simply downloading lists or using them, you can reach prospects or customers with the Leadscampus online marketing tools.

Also, you can take from existing customer data to model your best prospects and append them the right characteristics, while you can find them with our cloning tools

Enrich and clean current customer list with the best data: Whether it is a customer list or territory, our believe is that your business is already starting with data. However data can go stale when not properly maintained.

Using Leadscampus Verifier tool, you can upload your list into your account and fix in the missing information from our databases. In other words, you can add phone numbers and emails or better still, choose from the other demographic and behavioral characteristics.

The Customer Data Tool also has the prospect of letting you scrub your data off old or inaccurate information, while it is replaced with the cleanest- or most accurate and recent information from our databases.

Inform all of your marketing decisions with data: The only time marketing is most effective is when it gets to the right audience. When you identify the best segments and understand them enough, you can plan all your marketing choices more efficiently, whether you want traditional advertising or direct marketing or digital targeting. It becomes paramount to plan your marketing choices better and then get clearer insights on what works best with the type of customer you have which lets you know as much information as you should about your intended audiences.

Activate the most efficient marketing campaigns with DIY and team supported tools

  • Data Tool
  • Email Finder
  • Email Verifier
  • Phone Number Verifier
  • Phone Number Finder
  • Phone Number Lookup Tool
  • Email Marketing (Coming Soon - Est. Release date - 15th June)
  • CRM (Coming Soon - Est. Release date - 15th July)
  • Tele Marketing (Coming Soon - Est. Release date - 15th August)